Planners, workouts and ombre hair

OK, so first off, I was thrilled to discover that I was not the only one to be planning my life old-school. Apparently Sloane Crosley uses a paper-based planner too. Hers is a gorgeous scarlet Louis Vuitton which makes me thankful that the closest LV store is now a half-hour drive away. Otherwise, the budget might have been blown by January 3. But I quite love my Filofax too. It’s stuffed with  my calendar, all my contacts (which I also have in my phone), bible verses I like (Isaiah 41:10 and Psalm 23), pictures of my kids, and everything you’d normally carry in a wallet. It makes me feel grounded and in control of my life in a way that I never felt when my details were entrusted to the “cloud.”

The “do nothing for 20 minutes” resolution is going well (see, don’t I make y’all feel good compared to people who made difficult resolutions) Sometimes I lie on the sofa and watch Coronation Street since that’s 20 minutes when I buzz through the commercials. In fact, I suspect that by January 15 or so, I’ll need to make a resolution to do 20 minutes of something per day!

The no jeans thing is going well. Yesterday, when my kids were dropped off by their dad, they asked me if I was going out as my makeup and outfit were out of character for a typical day. That was a big sign that I’ve been schlumping around for too long. So even thought today felt like a Roots Sweatpants kind of day, I put on chocolate leggings, and a long chocolate belted sweater. I put on a necklace I’ve not worn in forever. The hair is in a ponytail because I’m two weeks past when I ought to have been at the hairdresser and so it’s all bad hair days now. Oh well, red lipstick will make up for that.

I signed up at a new gym. Next week I have one of those consultations with the fitness head. Oh, I just know they are going to bring out the fat callipers. The horror! I’ve had a home gym for the past several years so the last time I subjected myself to this horror was pre-kids. Then I was diagnosed as “invisibly obese.” That means I am skin, bone, and fat. So even though I’m a small size, I have zero muscle. I have done nothing work-out wise for 6 months and know this is going to be the diagnosis. Oh well. It’s time I get back into a routine with cardio and weights. I want to get my ski legs back and the only way to do that is to hit the gym and build muscle. Also, this is a town where women seem to live in yoga pants and I’m thinking they take their fitness seriously. So maybe I’ll connect with some potential local pals.

I’ve also signed up to get my hair done next week. This is what I’m thinking:

Is it age appropriate? I’ll be 41 tomorrow. I figure I have to get all the crazy out of my system in the next 9 years.

Until tomorrow…

Love to hear from you!

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