Skinny fat, a dog wedding and more

So I had my fitness assessment at the gym this morning. And just as I suspected, I’m skinny fat. I’m small but have zero muscle.  The only thing I’m good at are crunches because after having two children in 2 years, I started doing those puppies to keep the muffin top under control. But I’ve lost so much fitness since last year at this time. Ugh! Personal disaster will do that for you. But on the positive side, I have a program in place for me now, have a gorgeous place to work out that overlooks the lake, and have met a friend of a friend who seems like a potential future pal. So it’s all good.

Yesterday, I had the energy to host a playdate with two extra kids. I made chocolate chip cookies and hooked up the Wii and in my world, where I’m being easier on myself and realize that even baby steps in the right direction should be celebrated, that makes me a rock star. My daughter and her pal are such Emmas and have already decided that her West Highland Terrier should marry our French Bulldog. They think the wedding will be awesome. Once everyone has been spayed/neutered, I could totally get into this. I’d love to do a Kate Moss theme:


Photo Credit: West Highland White Terrier – Guia Pet & Cia / Kate Moss Wedding photos:

US Vogue, September 2011 / French Bulldog (mine!)

So the clothing thing is going well. Yesterday saw burgundy corduroy leggings and a long grey sweater. Today is a knit dress and tights. And I’m sporting necklaces and headbands. Today I think I’ll switch purses. Hold me back people, before I do something crazy like wear two accessories at once!

The budgeting thing is going well too. I’d overspent on clothes, but then I got a cheque for some clothes I’d consigned before I moved and so that saved my bacon! I spend a lot more on food than I’d thought, but less in other areas, so I’ll retweak that. And today my therapist thought it would be ok for me to take an indefinite break because I’ve done so well, so that frees up some cash. Yahoo! Of course, now I’m tempted to buy that painting I saw in the consignment store. Darn those wants!

On the therapy front, graduating was a huge deal. I was so afraid that I might slide into a depression after everything that happened. I think that once you’ve had an episode (PPD after both kids), you always fear a recurrence. I dropped a few rungs down the ladder, but I did not slide into the pit. My therapist recommended that as a graduation exercise, I document the things I did to keep me afloat during one of the most difficult periods of my life.

1. Surrounded myself with the positive. It’s why I called this blog Dwell on these Things. Focus on the lovely, the pure, the gracious, the things of good report. It’s not shallow to focus on the beauty of the world. It’s life-saving.

2. Shed the negative. I always see how I feel after hanging around certain people. If I feel better, I cultivate the relationship. If I feel worse, I end it. Without apology. Life’s too short for sensitive people to hang around with jerks.

3. Dress up. As Elizabeth Wurtzel wrote, there is magic in a fresh coat of lipstick. The difference is, I don’t do it for others, I do it for me.

4. Talk and write the way I want to feel. If I talk about how awful I feel, guess what? I’ll feel awful! If I try to see the positive, I do.

5. Pat myself on the back for baby steps. I got locked into “I used to” thinking. I used to do this. I used to do that. What’s wrong with me. Now, I’m all, “I baked muffins, so I’m totally Nigella.”

6. Push to do what I need to do, then take a nap. Early December, I was busy with unpacking, so over the holidays, I was a deliberate slacker. Even God rested for a day.

Gotta skedaddle and go get the kidlets!

Love to hear from you!

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