Weekend Warrior

First of all, I wanted to say Brava to Leslie Morgan Steiner for her TED talk. I started reading her during my mommy blogger days and I have huge respect for her courage in sharing her story.

So the weekend was filled to the brim with activities. First, I joined some girlfriends for a comedy night with Fraser Young, Steve Dylan and Graham Chittenden. The comics knew the audience and let’s just say I will never look at a dog or a bingo dauber the same way again. Hilarious!

Saturday was skiing. Sunny and new snow. Who could ask for anything more? Then, off to a vision board party. I figured it was just an excuse to drink a lot of wine but we actually made a visual representation of the goals we want to accomplish over the next year. My pal who threw the party was thoughtful enough to purchase a copy of February’s Vanity Fair with the title “One million men say Jennifer Lawrence is the world’s most desirable woman.” Well, you know that was going to be cut out and pasted on. At first I was not sure what else to add. But slowly, I became inspired. I might like to work in something involving design. I want to sell my book. I’d like to go back to Paris. I want to be able to do lots of push ups. And yes, that’s Matthew Crawley there. I mean, a girl has to dream, right? Fun night and here’s the final product:

Sunday, I was up with the birds and hit IDS 2013.

I met the lovely Brandie Weikle, who is digital director of House and Home. We have a bunch of people in common and have connected online but it’s always so lovely to meet up in real life. The show was spectacular – which means I blew through 90% of it in 15 minutes and then spent the next hour and a half focused on six booths.

First up was the most gorgeous desk I’ve ever seen. I’m obsessed with little writing desks and I’m obsessed with lacquerware. And voila! The Bento Box Escritoire.

A perfect marriage of the two. And the designer? Douglas Coupland for SwitzerCultCreative. Well, knock me over with a feather. I was all, the writer? And then I wanted it even more. Another lady admiring the desk wants it too and we decided we might have to arm wrestle for the first one when it is finally available for sale via Joan Eiley. So now I’ll have to ask the trainer guy at the gym to build up my arm-wrestling muscles because this puppy is a must!

There was this rug awesomeness from W Studio.

From Evelyne Prelonge comes this gorgeous cotton faux-fur scrumptiousness:

And of course, La Cornue. My kingdom for one of the brass ones!

Then, I was obsessed – OBSESSED – with Reznick Carpet’s Modallian Collection. I spent a lot of time chatting with uber-talented textile artist Robyn Waffle. These carpets are unbelievably gorgeous and it would be almost – almost – sinful to put these works of art underfoot. I seriously want one.

And, of course, I could not not find some pillows I wanted to take home (but didn’t!) I adored these pretty Fendi ones from John Paul & Co.

Oh, and I got a new deck from Farrow and Ball. Love their new colour Pelt, even if it makes me blush to write it (I just know I’m going to get some inappropriate google searches when I check my site stats this week.) Anyways, it’s a lovely purple and is making me rethink redoing my front door in Brinjal, which had been the original plan.

Anyhow, I was also happy to discover that there are not one but two Farrow and Ball dealers in Oakville. In your eye, Rosedale!

I also met the good people from Cocoon. More Oakville style goodness. I also need to check out Abacus. They had some gorgeous pieces and most of it is made in Canada. Love that.

So then I rushed back home and got into my whites in time for my first game of badminton. How fun is that sport! And the aesthetics of it: the green court, the white clothes, the birds with real feathers. Fun crowd too. Everyone is all pleasant and smiling and then smash that bird like they are trying to put out an eye and then everyone has a glass of wine. My kind of people!

And then I dashed home for an evening of Downton. Pass the hankies!

And so to bed…

Until next time,

Love to hear from you!

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