January Wrap

Alrighty, so we are experiencing bizarro weather here. Yesterday was like balmy spring and today is back to freezing. Weird. Oh well, it is allowing me to model my coat collection.

So, January wrap up. I went the entire month without wearing jeans. Yay me! I did learn that I am fundamentally lazy and a creature of habit so I basically substituted cords and cashmere knit dresses for jeans. But at least my “uniform” was a bit more fashion forward. I will continue to wear jeans but only with a jacket – a look which works better in spring or fall since the whole coat thing tends to interfere.

Budgeting. I have to wait a couple of days for the actuals to roll in, but I think I did fairly well. My Quicken budget is showing lots of green (underspend) and the red bars (overspend) tend to be one-time items (I won’t have to buy badminton rackets for the entire family for a while, I figure.) The one area where I’m always running over is groceries. For a little family, we seem to eat a lot of expensive food. Part of that is the age of my kids: I encourage them to serve themselves healthy snacks from the fridge or pantry and single serve items make that work best.

It’s not the most enviro or wallet friendly approach but right now it works. So there is room for improvement for this line item but for now I think I will have to bump up the budget for groceries and bump something else down (perhaps clothes (sulk!) since I’ve discovered a whole new wardrobe.)

I’ve been relaxing for 20 minutes a day and I’ve been doing my hair (got to show off the ombre). And I’ve embraced the spackle. Not just lipgloss but eyeliner, blush and mascara. Did you know Yves St Laurent Shocking mascara smells like flowers? How awesome is that!

Working out was not a resolution, but I’ve been sticking to my program very well. I’ve bumped up my weights so by summer I’ll be good.

Oh, and I’ve sworn off ketchup chips. I may have substituted the sweet potato fries, aioli and a glass of Pinot for the red devils but, hey, a girl has to start somewhere.

Off to a busy day. I have to do some drawing (drawing!) for an upcoming project and I might try to make something out of this dupioni silk I scored at Fabricland for $10 a metre! Pillow covers or a skirt. Decisions, decisions.

Stay warm, people.

Until tomorrow,

Love to hear from you!

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