In the Pink

So, it’s the beginning of the February blahs. I’m always looking for quick pick-me-ups at the time of year, especially as I’m not planning on a warm weather vacay this winter.

In the Pink

via j crew / Chanel pink handbag (portero) / NARS Cosmetics lipstick (asos) / NARS Cosmetics (asos) / Vase (One Kings Lane)

I always want pink this time of year: partly because it’s a nice pop of colour against all the grey outside, and partly because there is a lot available in the run-up to Valentine’s Day. The pink flowers and pink make-up are nice splurges. The jacket would be lovely and it’s been a while since I hit J Crew. It used to be my happy place but that whole budget thing keeps me on the straight and narrow. The Chanel bag is a happy pipe-dream. But still, a girl can look…

The weekend was a good one. Good, but hectic (since Friday was a PD day, it was extra long.) Saturday, we skied and by that, I mean we all skied. Kids were in lessons and I had a beautiful 3 hours on the slopes. The sun even paid us a visit. Hallelujah!

The only drawback to skiing is that lunch is a full contact sport. To start, there are no beta personalities at the ski club, which is something that lazy alphas like me tend to require. Nobody is rolling in at noon, starting to think about lunch. No, moms have been staking out tables since 8am. They spread out these very complicated picnics for 10 people (alphas seem to prefer to travel in a pack)  It strikes me as unfair that dad and the kids go skiing while mom makes lunch and guards the tables. Since the weekends when I have my kids, I play both mom and dad, I opt to take the dad role and ski the whole time, but since I am a mom and do not want my kids to be caught short at lunch, I have to be wily to get it all done.

This week, I headed in for a muffin and coffee at 10:30. I grabbed a table for 2, found another chair, and had half the muffin and half the coffee. I then left the unfinished half on the table along with an old pair of ski mitts as a way to stake my turf. I then ran out to ski for 45 minutes. At 11:15, I headed back in, hit the hot food line up, ordered the food, put it on the table and then ran outside to collect my kids at 11:30. It seemed to work pretty well and we got everyone fed and back out on the hill at the right time.

Sunday, I wanted to see if I could play a game of badminton with the kids along for the ride. I rallied a bit with them and was then pulled into a session of adult doubles. My kids headed into the kids area and were quiet for over an hour. I thought this was a minor miracle until I realized that they were ordering snacks on my tab. My son ordered several Cokes (a ‘special occasion’ drink) and a Twix bar (as well as food for a pal from school.) No wonder they were so quiet! I count myself lucky that everybody went to sleep after the Superbowl half-time show. Live and learn.

Today, I hit the gym, did another drawing, made muffins and spent some quality time with the dog (as a former Canadian champion, she is a diva and needs a certain amount of spoiling. ) I have a new pillow project I want to start but since it’s working with silk, I need to find the fabric whisperer in these parts. I used to sew a lot as a kid and have to rebuild my machine skills but I think that this project should be outsourced. I’ll blog it when I’m done.

So, that’s it for today. Happy Monday!

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