This is Thursday

I love it when a new magazine arrives in the mail. Yesterday was the March issue of House and Home. Still craving that pop of colour so here are my lust items from that issue:

March House and Home Wants
Brass doorknob via The Door Store / Pouf via The Cross  / Quatrefoil Mirror via Urban Barn / Magnifying Glass Necklace via Biko / Sorbier LXVI bergere chair by Taillardat via

Chagall’s Lovers. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a job naming paint colours?

Gonna try out the spaghetti alla Norma. I had a delightful Aunt Norma (Auntie Nonie, as she was known) so I love the name. Plus, the recipe calls for eggplant. Yummo!

I totally have to make a date to check out the Tommy Smythe recommended Addison’s because if I can pick up a salvaged brass bar sink for $75, that’s all good.

Today I’m painting. Fun!

And the frenchie is relaxing with a book:

So we will be kept nice and busy until Wine O’Clock, I mean Badminton.

Take care, kiddos!

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