Fabulous Friday

It’s a snow day.

Snow day equals ski day because we are Canadian and snow should be a good thing. Right?

Yesterday, I painted. It’s a new thing but super-therapeutic.

Last night was lots of fun. I’m loving this whole ladies night/badminton thing. My kids spent two hours playing Arctic Explorer (it seemed to entail a group of them spying on the squash guys) and I got some grown-up time. It’s this whole “it takes a village” concept and I’m loving it large.

I went home and watched my favourite show, Million Dollar Decorators (not to be confused with Million Dollar Rooms which IMHO is just a tackier version of Cribs.) I have a total girl crush on Mary McDonald. Such fabulous style. And I loved what Martyn Lawrence Bullard did with actress Stacey Dash’s home.

I was so moved by Stacey’s reaction to her gorgeous place. She just kept saying “it’s my home, it’s my home” over and over again. The designer indicated that this was a new, “cozy” (read downsized) house for the actress and her nine-year old daughter and I wanted to find out the back story. This house was her first home of her own after Dash had been granted a divorce from an allegedly abusive man. Hence, her seemingly over-the-top reaction to some high-end zhushing. Design is often dismissed as a silly luxury (Dash was openly mocked for her reaction on the snark sites) but being able to build a safe haven after trauma is important. Even the much-praised Proverbs 31 woman understood the value of being clothed in fine linen and purple and making coverings for her bed. Surroundings matter.

The Lead with Love conference is this weekend and no silly snow is going to keep me from the chocolate fountain and hanging out with the ladies of Crossroads.

Also, it’s Holt Renfrew’s “Get a gift card that y’all can use on Bobbi Brown makeup in the spring when you buy something off your V-Day wish list now” sale (perhaps not its official name, but that’s how I see it.) I’m hoping to pick up a little something something, so, yay for snow tires and all-wheel drive.

Drive safe,kids!

Love to hear from you!

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