Happy Valentine’s Day

Ok, for those of you who hate Valentine’s Day. You can just look at this and move along.

I love Valentine’s Day. I didn’t when I was younger — too much pressure. But now I love it. Maybe it’s the red and the pink together.

Pink and Red

Always super delish.

But mainly, it’s because Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love. And seriously, what’s not to like about that. Love for family, love for God, love for pets, love for shoes. I mean, it’s better than Hate Day, no?

The kids have been busy making cards for their classes. And even the Fabulous Frenchie is getting her Valentine’s Day on.

I’ve bought myself some (budgeted for) pretty pretties. 

V-Day Gifts

Yup. Got me a Kobo. I’ve held out for so long (even my daughter got one before me!) but I was nearly injured the other night when the tower of books I’m currently reading collapsed on me, so I know it’s time. Plus, I can now get library books once again since the whole e-book thing works well with my germaphobic tendencies. The savings will keep me in Smythe.

This year I feel particular celebratory as 2012 was the year I learned that there are some things that are far worse than being single on Valentine’s Day. So I gave back a little bit too.

I wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day, however you are celebrating it. With a lover, with friends, with family, with your beloved dog or cat, or under the duvet with a bag of all-dressed chips.

Love to hear from you!

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