Magazine Monday

Happy day off to those of you who have a holiday today. In Ontari-ari-ario, we have Family Day. Personally, I think that’s the worst name for a holiday ever, particularly one following Valentine’s Day. Around here, we are calling it French Bulldog day in protest. Because if you have seen the commercial for, you’ll know that ‘french bulldog’ is a euphemism for lazy and this is a great day for lying around after a busy weekend (between Ski-tastic Saturday, the auto show, visiting with the awesome Melinda who came for dinner last night, and Downton (Matthew!!) we need a rest!) Feel free to follow suit.

OK, so almost all bloggers fall into a little writing routine after a while to help them gain focus and to help their ideas remain fresh. Otherwise it’s too easy to veer into “25 things to do with a bale of hay” or “12 inedible sandwich fillings” territory. So, I’ve decide to break up my blogging into Magazine Monday, Type Tuesday, Wishlist Wednesday, Theatre Thursday and Frugal Friday. See how the topics start with the same letters as the days of the week. Wildly clever, no?

Anyhow, so it’s Magazine Monday. When I was doing my budget, I added a line for books and magazines because it’s a not insignificant expense. I adore magazines. Always have. I’m the person who collected every issue of Victoria magazine since the magazine’s inception (I was an odd teenager) only to discard them in a fit of organization. I then  had to buy them all back again on eBay because I missed them. Yes, it’s a problem.

So, the pretty pretty this week is the new issue of House and Garden. I love love love British design magazines even though we get them delivered way late. It’s all Reversal-of-Fortune Chic: way too much stuff crammed into a small space, plus an Ikea kitchen. It’s how I love to live. 

Look at the eye candy. Even the ads like the one in the bottom right corner are pretty!

I love the mash-up of design styles. I figure that if you decorate with things you adore, it all works together.

And look at the ads for the bargain chairs. So pretty. I want that dress!

Even the usually awful looking cheapy ads at the back are nicely done:

Love the glass ball fountain!

I hope that today is peaceful and relaxing for everyone.

Until tomorrow.

xo Jen

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