Wish List Wednesday

So, first off, I’m going through a couple of great inspirational books. I’m reading Angie Smith’s Mended: Pieces of a Life Made Whole as part of a book club through (in)courage. It’s very good but not a book to be read in public unless you don’t mind crying in front of others. I’m also listening to Stephen Arterburn’s Reframe Your Life: Transforming Your Pain into Purpose. So far, so good. I find a lot of American, male, Christian authors come across as the Mayor of Smugtown, but Arterburn has a very nice, non-patronizing style, sage advice and he likes the show What Not to Wear almost as much as I do. So that’s all good.

Well, seeing as it’s Wednesday, it’s time for my wish list. Pure fantasy stuff. I’ve been playing with Olioboard which is even more addictive than Polyvore. To give my play some structure, I took Tobi Fairly Design Challnge to create a stripe-based room. Ta Dah!

I maintain that Zebra is a stripe. I’d love a room like that.

In keeping with that theme, on the top of my wish list is the Scalamandre Zebra dog bed.

At $225 plus shipping, it will remain a wish for now. Even if Serena begs.

Until tomorrow,

xo Jen

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