Type Tuesday: Mended Part 4

We are having a delayed spring. Yesterday it snowed. Of course it did, because I’d just washed and put away the ski pants. It’s hard to sustain the cheerfulness. I find myself looking forward to planning next year’s March break (thinking Costa Rica as I’ve known a number of people who recently have had fabulous trips there.) I bought some of the new Joe Fresh $19 colour jeans in pink and emerald green.

I draped Miss Thing in some springy bling.

I also did some major spring cleaning. The kids and I went through clothes and toys and everything that I had shoved into the storage room when we moved in at the end of November, resulting in two trips to Goodwill. The nice thing about a small house is that you cannot accumulate clutter. Yesterday, I tackled the garage, which still had boxes and renovation debris up in the rafters from the previous owner. I drove two carloads of cardboard, wood and more cardboard to the dump. Someone seemed eager to help at first.

But of course, when it came time to load up the car and head to the dump, that same someone was taking a pretend nap. Typical.

So I am ready for spring. So ready. It’s been a long winter both literally and spiritually. In my Mended reading group though (in)courage, one of the facilitators, Denise J. Hughes writes about the seasons in our spiritual life.

I tend to think of our spiritual live in seasons. Spiritually speaking, I’m sometimes in a summer season, where things are bright and optimistic. At other times, I’m in a wintry season, where the tree limbs are barren, and life seems cold and harsh.

I am so in spring. I crave colour and brightness and fun. I feel like getting out with people instead of hibernating. I crave new ways to get close to God.

So last week, when I had a chance to see Stormie Omartian at Crossroads, I said Yes to that opportunity. She was there with her daughter-in-law Paige.

Stormie was taping a series of 4 teachings that will air on 100 Huntley Street on Thursdays in May.

There I am in the front row wearing the spring Smythe equestrian. I’m totally overwearing it, but I always get mega-compliments when I do. When you are sitting a few feet away from one of these puppies, you wear what makes you feel good and a lot of bronzer.

I did not know if I’d find a connection with what Stormie and Paige were saying. They write a lot about the power of praying for your family and I worried they might be happy clappy Christians who feel that their perfect lives prove that they have been blessed by God. I had not known that Paige was a childhood cancer survivor or that Stormie had survived years of abuse as a child. As it turns out, they are my favourite kind of Christians. They do not have joyful circumstances because of their faith. Rather, they find joy in their circumstances – hard as they can be – because of God’s grace. It’s like the quote by Albert Camus:
In the midst of winter I found, there was, within me, an invincible summer

Even if it’s snowing in March.


  1. beautiful jen!!! and i love this … “hey do not have joyful circumstances because of their faith. Rather, they find joy in their circumstances – hard as they can be – because of God’s grace.” YES!! with our God it IS possible to have joy in our trials!i LOVE stormie! she has a bio … stormie omartian: a story of forgiveness and healing. an incredible, incredible story how someone can be used mightily of God despite their circumstances!thank you for sharing your heart!


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