Olioboard, Anthropologie, The Bible and Diva Dogs

Busy week. Friday, we had friends over for dinner. An awesome, artistic teen was in the house and talking about her dream room. So I got busy on Olioboard to bring her ideas to life:

She wanted one of the Urban Outfitters French Bulldog pillows to be incorporated into the design. Fabulous!

Saturday, we took in our last ski of the season, complete with poutine for lunch. This was the year where our abilities were such that we were finally all able to ski together. What a blessing. Saturday night, one of my favourite new pals came over and we plotted how to save the world and change the face of retail. We read magazines and the bulldog tried to eat my cheesecake. Of course, there was wine. Why do you ask?

Sunday was church. I now teach Sunday school, which is an adventure. You know how some people are magical with groups of children? That’s not me. But I had fun and bribed the kids with erasers from Good Books. After church and brunch we hit Dollarama for some Easter Decor, relaxed, watched HGTV, and made green pancakes for dinner in honour of St Paddy’s Day.

I wore my green lace top from Anthropologie with skinnies and 3-inch heel booties and received mucho compliments.

I’m not normally a “wear green on St Patrick’s Day” kind of gal but I’m just feeling super festive this year. I think if you feel blessed, you live that feeling by adding some cheerfulness into the world.

My favourite magazine this week is the March issue of Homes and Gardens. Love H&G. It’s the UK’s oldest design magazine and will give you a little peek into 19th Baron Herbert’s London terraced house. Envy!

And because we are not all heirs to french mirror collections, they tell us how to get a similar look at a lower price. My kind of publication! Baron Herbert has a fab french carved oak mirror over his fireplace and HG helpfully shows where you can get a similar look for under 500 pounds. (BTW LOVE everything at Sweetpea and Willow. They ship internationally too!)

I even love the ads in the British shelter publications. When I buy a design magazine, I like the ads if – and only if – they are for design goods. I do not want to read a design magazine and see an ad for cholesterol medication. It kills my buzz. But the ads in this magazine were fab. Look at this ad for Linwood Fabrics and Wallpaper.

I seriously want that lavender coat!

Ok, so how good was The Bible! Jesus was so well cast. Ditto for John the Baptist. It looks like the crucifixion scene will be hard to watch. I’m glad we know that the story has a happy ending.

So my design assistant, Serena, has insisted on being added to the About page on the blog. So high maintenance! But she works cheap and is a fun companion, even if she does try to steal my cheesecake and has been known to eat the occasional iPhone.

But hey, a happy employee is a productive employee.

Love to hear from you!

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