Frugal Friday: Korhani Rugs

My assistant is having some surgery today. Send up a prayer if you would. Plus, I’m walking around with a sample of her poop in my handbag to give to the vet. So you might want to send up a prayer for me too.

On a happier note, that whole January ban on jeans has paid off. I’m being so much more creative in what I wear. Yesterday I wore floral jeans, a motocross jacket and four inch heels to school pickup and the club and received all kinds of compliments. I figure if it can’t be warm outside, at least my outfit can be cheerful.

Not sure where the week went but it’s already frugal Friday. This week is Toronto Fashion Week and one of the coolest shows was put on by Korhani Home – yes the purveyors of affordable, mass-market rugs. It channeled Great Gatsby meets Metropolis. with all sorts of goodness like this:

I have a Korhani rug at my side door, which makes a great (and fully washable) mat. It wears well, is pretty, and is cheap – like under $20 (the cashier at Walmart was amazed that they were selling such a good-looking piece so reasonably.)

Right now, they have these gorgeous rugs online that come with a really cute GWP carpet bag. They are so cute and I’m thinking I might need this one for the summer house:

A steal at $90!

Well, that’s all for today folks. Have yourself a merry little weekend.


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