The one about religion

Today is Theatrical Thursday. But I don’t really want to write about Frugal finds on Good Friday (Torontonians, anyone remember the “Good News for Good Friday” semi-illegal sales in the 1980s? I hardly want to channel that.) So this week is a bit off, blog-wise.

Yesterday was a bit off too. Oh how I hate tax time: every document that should be easily attainable was not, for whatever reason. And then an appointment got switched. And then a jacket I’d bought online was a disaster, which necessitated a trip to the post office. First world problems, to be sure, but when these little inconveniences happen, it’s so easy to, like Lot’s wife, get a bit stuck. To turn back and wallow in past pain for a little while. I’m blaming it on the full moon.

But, thankfully, it’s Holy Week and we have Easter to look forward to. I’ve ordered my fish and chips for Good Friday. I’ve booked brunch for Sunday. The Easter Bunny has it all under control.

I’ve found a place for the family altar (Don’t worry, the candles never get burned. I’m not about to pull a what-looks-like-is-about-to-happen on Coronation Street)

I’m going over the materials for Sunday school as I’ve been promised a crowd. A couple of moms have approached me about Easter services, which I think is so very cool. Perhaps people think that if I can survive what I’ve been through and still be standing in 4-inch heels talking about where to source designer pillows, then there must be a benevolent God. Or perhaps they are simply making polite conversation. Either way, it’s nice.

My kids are filled with Easter questions. I want my kids to be able to choose what they believe, but I can’t help but trying to bias the vote just a little, not unlike Shakira on The Voice (pick me, pick me!) My seven year old is all in and has declared, with authority, that the french bulldog is a Christian. My nine year old, on the other hand,  was surprised to discover that we attend a Christian church: “I thought we were Anglican,” was her response.

CTS has an amazing-looking documentary called The Bible and You airing this Saturday, March 30 (it’s livestreaming at 9pm EST on for those who do not get the channel.) 100 Huntley Street was showing a clip from the doc today and I was thrilled to see a discussion about the Bible and the treatment of women (because heaven knows, misogynists love to use it as a weapon.) The always sensible Tony Campolo was featured and I thought he made the most marvellous statement:

I think that anybody who studies the Bible with any degree of conscientious commitment will come away with the sense that the Bible, perhaps, is the major force for establishing the equality of women in the world today.

Oh, how that makes my heart happy.

And of course, the conclusion of The Bible airs on Sunday, which will be must see TV around here. Cause, you know, I have to support my besties, Mark and Roma.

I hope you have a safe and happy long weekend, whatever it is you celebrate or don’t.

Love to hear from you!

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