Easter Monday

So, I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend. Easter has always been my favourite holiday. Great colour palate, low gift expectations, and, of course, the whole story of resurrection and redemption that sustains one through Job seasons.

Friday, we were at church for the services and then we had a mellow day. We ate our own weight in English Bay fish and chips. Wow, is that place good. And popular! I’m glad I pre-ordered our Good Friday fish or we’d have been waiting there for hours. We also had carrot cake.

Saturday, we did errands. On the shopping list were spring shoes for the kids and a garage-mounted basketball net (I don’t like the aesthetics of those big things on wheels with concrete blocks weighting them down.) Holy heck is it ever hard to put up a net. I had help and I’m pretty comfortable around a set of tools myself.

But still, everything in an old house is kind of wonky and the mounting kit instructions were written in that language they speak at Star Trek conventions. But in the end, victory!

To celebrate my mother’s birthday, the family ate our weight in Shrimp and Lobster Curry at the club that evening. I had a brownie a la mode for dessert. Shocking behaviour.

Sunday, the kids were up early. We had a little Easter egg hunt at the house. Instead of giant chocolate Mr. Solids, the children got a bit of chocolate and the traditional Easter french bulldog pillows.

After cinnamon buns (are you seeing a theme here?) we headed off to church. I was leading Sunday school for the grade-school kids. We talked about love and forgiveness and grace. And then had an Easter egg hunt that resembled an only slightly more civilized version of the Hunger Games. Once we had a little chat about sharing, everyone redistributed their egg piles so things were fair.

Then we headed to a brunch (or linner, as the kids called it, since it was the second seating) and had another Egg Hunt (for those mathemologists in the crowd, that brings us to three.) I ate my weight in fancy cheese and shrimp and waffles and english trifle. We were sharing a table for ten with my new pal, the supermodel (well, not really, but she is a dead ringer for one) and her entourage, so I wore my 4 1/2 inch sparkle shoes to be of similar height.

I wore them with my Anthropologie bunny dress and an older style pink Smythe jacket. The navy grosgrain ribbon on the side of the jacket pulled things together with the navy on the dress, lest you think I’ve come to leave of my senses.

The jacket is feeling a wee bit tight after all of the weekend gluttony. I am going on a diette. I never diet. Too hard core. A diette simply means you are no longer allowed to mainline chocolate covered almonds while you watch reruns of Will and Grace. But you are still allowed Liberte coconut greek yogurt (for any longtime MUBAR readers, I’m so happy this is now in a 2% fat greek yogurt version. I’m still obsessed.)

Serena’s grand-dog did so well at a dog show. Little Miss Vivienne won best puppy and was even on tv (click for video of Vivienne.)

Well, it’s magazine Monday. The best of the crop this week was Country Living UK. We get them late so we are still on March 2013. But it is bee-youtiful.

The tap into your talent feature focuses on becoming an interior designer (featuring UK designer and former lawyer Sarah Osmond). Makes me happy about my career choice.

That’s it for now, folks. I’m hosting an Easter Monday playdate soon.

xo Jen

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