Theatrical Thursday: Lorie Hartshorn and What to Wear on Camera

So, my SUV is rid of mice. Yup, that’s right. When I had my vehicle at the dealership to change over to summer tires, they found evidence that a mouse had shredded my hood liner. So all my Louis Vuitton money has gone on a new bonnet liner. Gah! I had no idea mice could live in a car that is in a garage and is driven every day. It’s more common than you might think. There was no evidence of mice in the garage at my new house but there was evidence of mice under the gas range top at the old place, so I’m hoping I left them all behind. Presumably my design assistant would chase them away from my new place, no?

Yesterday, I was at Crossroads to see Lorie Hartshorn speak. Lorie has just released Finding Freedom, a Bible Study DVD and Teaching Guide focusing on spiritual warfare. As an old-school Anglican, I used to roll my eyes at the notion of spiritual warfare but it’s simply the battle of good and evil – an age old concept that should be familiar from everyone from English lit majors to fans of Harry Potter to Star Wars devotees. And I’ve seen it played out first hand (one day I will share my slightly supernatural experience involving, of all things, a Dayspring greeting card.)

Lorie was recording four teachings to be aired on Crossroads later in the month and I was in the studio audience. Lorie is an amazing speaker. She has a background in leadership work with John C. Maxwell and is highly engaging. If you have a chance to see her speak, I’d urge you to do so. Her teachings will air on 100 Huntley Street later in the year. Crossroads was an amazing Christian family for me when I first came in Oakville and was enduring a very dark season in my life

I also met a really delightful woman at lunch and we had a lovely conversation. I hope that we stay in touch. This is my year of saying yes to opportunities and allowing God to lead me. So far, he’s leading me to some very interesting people and experiences.

Well, I must run. I have a million errands and I have to learn the rules of Bunco before ladies’ night tonight. Tomorrow, it’s back to a design post with Frugal Friday.

Later, kitty cats.


  1. Hi Jen, I'm so glad to learn that you shared your testimony. I hope I get to see it. It seems we both had a common experience at Crossroads because I also met a lovely lady who I hope to stay in touch with :-). BTW, I love your writing style – unpretentious, engaging, humorous and insightful – and of course, your sense of style. There really is the Nicole Kidman resemblance.


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