Friday Fun

So it’s  PD day here in Pleasantville and it’s not raining. Hallelujah! This morning was spent at the park. How lucky are we to be able to take our kids to play lakeside. It almost felt like we were at the ocean. (Almost.)

Yesterday was a lovely grown-up day downtown with lunch at Brioche Doree, apricot cheese pastry and lovely company. And I wore my lovely Lilly Pulitzer silk Peacock dress.

(I so need a photographer to follow me around.)

And then I had a chance to pop into my favourite accessory consignment store on Queen. I nearly came away with this bit of LV Epi goodness (which I’d use to hold headbands or carry ice to my pal’s boat this summer), but I held back.

I re-arranged all the furniture yet again (it’s a good sign. I never rearranged anything in the last two houses I was in, which is a big sign that it is not really home.) We went to the grocery store and bought party food since we are hosting a shindig this weekend, too. Since my little people were so helpful, we’ll be doing a walk to get ice cream.

Serena will be coming along too as she still needs to lose a pound of so (if she is 20 pounds, she can fly in the cabin with us instead of on a pet jet (frenchies cannot fly in the hold so you have to send them on a private jet if they are too pudgy!))

I’m going to pretend I did not hear that. Besides, I never fly commercial. 

The promise of warmer weather plus the delivery of the new J. Crew catalogue is making me really want this bit of gorgeous:

Have to run as  ice cream is calling us.

Have a great weekend, kids!

Love to hear from you!

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