English Eccentric Style

So I was in the middle of outlining my five key style loves in dressing and design. There was
Palm Beach Chic and Country Club Traditional. Next is English Eccentric.

At it’s most subtle it’s this:

Harper’s Bazaar photo /via/

It’s a classic loden green fitted Gucci coat over a crisp white shirt. How Sloane Ranger-ish. But wait, Kate is holding a monkey in a leopard print diaper. It’s unexpected and cheeky and politically incorrect. Think Prince Phillip in a kilt on a windy day…
At its most awesome, it’s House of Hackney fabulousness:
With a generous helping of Vivienne Westwood’s fantastic wallpaper
And a dash of Alexander McQueen:
And a generous helping of Ralph Lauren Home (from 2013 Iconic Design collection):

Made more whimsical with a Jake Phipps Wooster light:
English Eccentric often pulls some colonial goodness into the mix and Martyn Lawrence Bullard is the king of this look:
Delicious, indeed! 
This style can be crazy expensive as you don’t get leather studded club chairs and miles of great velvet fabric at Ikea. If you are looking to do this look on a budget, consignment and antique stores will be your best friend. I have a 1920s home that I’ve decorated in this general style downstairs and it’s a mix of high end purchases, consignment store treasures, auction goodies, and flea market finds. 
Yes, yes. Pip pip cheerio and all that. Now, where’s my G&T?
I’ve added some pins for this general look and will continue to update things here
Soon, I’ll explore Parisian Glamour and Bohemian Elegance. Stay tuned!
xo Jen

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