Road trip, dog massage and a futuristic chapel

Just a super fast post today as the Workout Goddess and I are roadtripping to the big city for the Snapdragon Spring Sale. Gonna be in my old stomping ground near rosy Rosedale, which is always fun. If you are looking for cashmere, great bags and the greatest little tunics this side of palm beach, head on over to Pam’s.

In other news, last night was my first tennis lesson. Just the Supermodel, a guy, the instructor and me. Nothing like playing on a court right beside the water. Beautiful! Today, however, I am mega sore. Good thing my assistant knows massage.

This is ridiculous. I have got to join a union.

Before I dash, I just had to share this amazing church interior I saw on Trendhunter. It’s the Chapel at Discovery Bay, designed by Danny Cheng. I tend to favour old churches with their stone walls and vibrant stained glass, but I have to say that this place certainly inspires worship too! It seems to be primarily a wedding chapel, but it would be lovely if it could be used for regular services. Our Utmost for His Highest! 
I’ll be back tomorrow with some more design finds. 
xo Jen

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  1. Hi Jen. I was going back over my blog to print a few things out and came across a comment from you. Thanks so much for dropping by. My apologies for not seeing it sooner. I am following you now on Blog Lovin


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