Weekend Wrap Up

I hope y’all had a great weekend. We had (mostly) lovely weather here, which always feels like a gift.

Friday was art class. I feel like I’m starting to make some progress:

It’s just so time consuming for me to draw things. My instructor assures me that I’ll be thankful when one day I find sketching out a quick concept for a client to be easy. Perhaps. But do you know what’s even easier? Pinterest. Perhaps I can brand myself as The Lazy Decorator and just give clients tear sheets from magazines.

After my class, I finally went to see Iron Man 3. As with the other two movies, it’s all about the clothes:

Seriously, look at the shoulder line on La Gwynnie’s suit jacket. Also, slightly rethinking last week’s declaration that I’ll never go red…

Another busy weekend with some excellent eating. Had dinner at Michaels’ Back Door in Mississauga: Lobster ravioli with tiger shrimp. Fantastic. I also ordered the perfect peach martini and it was pretty darned perfect. And the sticky toffee pudding? Divine.

Had brunch at the Hart House Gallery Grill. Gosh, I love that place. It’s so darned pretty.

Plus, the food: Wow! I had the crispy shiitake turnip cake with edamame and hot & sour sauce, which was completely fantastic. I love creative chefs.

Sunday was a BBQ at my place for my papa. I had to replace the BBQ starter last week and I did so myself and felt like a total rock star so it was sweet victory to cook on the grill.

We ate in the summer house. Dining in there is so very civilized.

Every time I start to get cold feet about doing this whole switch over to design, I’m reminded of things like the summer house, which has brought daily joy to my life.

Have to dash. Lots on the go this week. Good luck, have fun and play safe…

Love to hear from you!

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