Road trip: Christie Antiques Show

Saturday was the semi-annual antiques market at Christie Lake near Hamilton. I haven’t been there for a couple of years and didn’t want to miss another one. I made sure I was there when the gates opened at 8:00am. Thank heavens I did. From 8:00 until about 10:00, the weather was lovely. Overcast and cool, but lovely.

I did not have anything in particular in mind, but I wanted to look at costume jewelry, fox items, french bulldog items, candlesticks and train cases. Plus, I had a request to look for classic 1970s/1980s vinyl. 
I wandered around and chatted with various vendors. I found a pair of Wedgwood candlesticks for $75 but they were willing to sell them for $45, which seemed very reasonable. I saw a blue plaid train case but it was not in good enough condition. I’m more into chic than shabby.
I found a pair of white flower earrings that struck me as pretty. For $10, how could I not? I’ve wanted a costume triple strand pearl necklace for a while (well, truth be told, I’ve wanted a Mikimoto one more, but that darned austerity thing keeps rearing its head.) So, I was thrilled to find a pristine Carolee vintage piece for $25. 
Not a bad haul for $75.

The candlesticks make a nice addition to my little collection.

Oh, and I found good quality copies of Back in Black and Blizzard of Oz that came from the collection of a former DJ. Together they were $20. 
The skies opened up on us all around 10:30 and I felt bad for the vendors and people in flip flops (in an uncharacteristic fit of organization, I wore hiking boots and brought an umbrella.) Luckily, I had my finds so I grabbed a latte and ran for the car.
The show is ridiculously well organized (it puts TIFF to shame – after 20 years of film fests, this might be my final year…) and they serve poutine. It all made me a happy girl.
The next show will be in May and if you have the chance to go, I highly recommend it! 

Love to hear from you!

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