Dude, where’s my post?

Let the blog slip for a bit. I’ve had some tough days. It’s all par for the course, evidently but I have had some good people rally around me.

I’m also switching my business stuff to a PC (in my personal life, I’m still a Mac girl) which is time consuming.

Also, I’ve been eating out a lot.

Last Friday, I ate at Buca on King W in the city.

It’s fun, hip (the waiters wear leather butcher’s aprons) and fairly foodie (when pork blood dessert is featured, they aren’t kidding around!) And the food is pretty:

I ate at The Alex. The food in Oakville is good but sort of boring. To get fun food without going into TO, you have to go to Burlington. Yes, Burlington! Who knew? The Alex serves small plates (my fav!) so the boyfriend and I were able to share chicken terrine, ham hock and cheese curd stuffed deboned chicken wings, jerk lamb, and braised short ribs (if you are going to get a hockey dude to go for the small plate idea, best you make it a carnivorous feast!) Oh, and a homemade twix bar. Yummo.

I also ate at La Palette. Now, I did not know about the whole horse meat thing before going there, so please do not email me in protest. For the record, I did not eat anything that ever neighed or whinnied. I had some duck parts sausage and the steak frites. Clearly, I’m no longer a vegetarian. I was hanging with this fun secret society – sort of like the illuminati with stock options.

I’ve been pretty good about doing my 5K runs so that I can still fit into my clothes after all this gluttony.   I’m slow but I’m still out there. And for the first year, I’ve managed to keep the Halloween candy sealed. This requires crazy will-power for me.

I’m still on an austerity budget because I need to finance my upcoming beach vacation. So only two new fashiony things to describe. My mother brought me back a Burburry Prorsum scarf from her UK travels. It looks jaunty with my Joules fox sweater:

I also found the deal of the century on a pair of vintage, never worn, authenticated Roger Vivier pumps from the 1950s in the original box. They were only $50, which is a steal.

I’ve been lusting after a pair of his shoes forever but could never justify the price so I was pretty pleased.

The kids are crazy excited for Halloween. Their Halloween party at the club was last weekend. I was entrusted with decorating the fireplace.


My daughter won most creative costume for age group for her Cookie Monster costume that she pulled together herself. My son was annoyed he did not win so we had the “if you insist on only wearing the police jacket over your sweatpants and refuse to put on the police hat, you might not win a prize” talk. Oh well, at least he is not Party Man this year (for years, he refused to wear anything but a cone-shaped cardboard party hat with his regular clothes.)

The grown-up Halloween party is this weekend. I’m one of those Bavarian beer gals to match my bf’s beer-themed costume. Oompapa! Oakville seems to love parties. Halloween lasts about a month around here.

I’ve also landed at a new church. I know quite a few people who attend The Meeting House and I’ve been enjoying the services. At first, I missed the Anglican liturgy but now I quite enjoy the service. And the music is amazing. So in spite of the fact that at one point, they literally ran down the lovely Alexa Clark, I think I’ll be there for a while.

Saw Gravity. Best movie I’ve seen in forever. Highly recommend.

I can’t believe what I put up with!

Well, that’s all for now. I’m doing lots of serious business stuff so I have less time over here but I’ll still pop in from time to time.

Take care and don’t eat too many of those little Kit Kat bars…

Love to hear from you!

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