The Patron Saint of Bloggers

One of my favourite novel titles is The Patron Saint of Liars (it’s a great read too). I am very much not a Catholic, but sometimes I feel in need of a patron saint too.

I rather like Saint Angela of Foligno.

New to full sainthood courtesy of Pope Francis (love!), she was a wealthy wife and mother in the late 1200s. She enjoyed her early years as a socialite and then, when her husband died, she gave away all of her possessions and became part of the Franciscan Third Order. That is sort of where I sit: half way between socialite and nun.


Saint Angela refused to live in isolation. Rather than taking on a contemplative role like many nuns and monks in her day did, she chose to be a caregiver living in community. She seems like a pretty together kind of lady. Plus, she is featured in this most exquisite painting.

Yes, I believe that she’s the saint for me.

Love to hear from you!

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