Unfamily day

Valentine’s Day was a toasty, warm occasion. I woke up to roses on my doorstep.

They were pink, which are my very favourite as the red ones strike me as violent somehow. Clearly the bf listens to my constant ramblings about all and sundry. In the morning, I went shopping with ma mere and found a gorgeous Oscar de la Renta mikado skirt on clearance. It is that birdcage silhouette that is still showing for spring and a gorgeous pink and dark navy colour.

It looks sort of corporate on the runway but it soft and pretty and springy in the natural…

At Sephora, in my never-ending search for a good under eye concealer and waterline eyeliner, I picked up this cute giveaway from Balenciaga: a sample of their Rosabotanica fragrance and a silk scarf. It was free with my loyalty points.

Serena argued that it was not in keeping with my french capsule wardrobe idea that I had both this scarf and the new Ferragamo one I received for my birthday…

I cannot say no to her on Valentine’s Day.

That evening, the bf took me out for a sushi dinner…

He took note that I was running low on the Marriage Freres tea I’d stockpiled after a trip to Paris. My favourite blend, Wedding Imperiale, is not available in Canada so he arranged to source some from Dean and Deluca and ship it north. This tea is a gorgeous chocolate caramel concoction. Yummy!

He also got me some chocolates from Chocolate Alphabet, a french chocolatier who makes handmade dark chocolates gilded in 24K gold letters of the alphabet… Think flavours like lavender, sea salt/caramel, cognac…

My children, who were thrilled with their sock monkeys from the grandparents, made artist palette cupcakes.

It was a lovely start to the long weekend in Ontario. While I enjoy an extra day off, I think that Family Day is an insensitive name for a holiday, particularly one that tends to fall on the Monday after Valentine’s Day. (The man who did this is our former Ontario premier, a man “who is married with four adult children and has nine brothers and sisters” and has the sensitivity of an anvil…) My marriage ended a week before this holiday five years ago and, at the time, it was salt in the wounds. Ditto for last year when it was “Thank God I Swerved That Family” Day. I have a number of not-partnered friends and friends without children who flee to spas far away simply to avoid this awful time of year. I’m the opposite of politically correct but empathy to the situations of others can be useful and. given how fraught with peril modern family life seems to be, naming the day after Lord Whatsit like we usually do would have been a safer bet…

The kids and I skied for the day on Saturday. It was sunny and gorgeously not too cold. Rarely do I ski the most difficult black diamond runs as the prospect of trying to drive home with a broken leg keeps me sensible, but the snow was so gorgeous that I skied every open run.

Yesterday, my dad took my kids to the Auto Show while my mother and I did a little bit of shopping and had lunch at the Royal York Hotel. The ice dancing was on in the restaurant and while I’m not a big fan of the Olympics (I was scarred by a terrible trip to the London Olympics), I do like Tessa and Scott and was happy to watch them skate.

My kids and I then decluttered their rooms (they have been inspired by my purging and wanted to follow suit) and dove into Harry Potter book 2. Today we are planning to see the Lego movie at the theatre and watch the first Harry Potter movie on dvd. Even though I object to the smuggery of Family Day, I do seem to be living it.

I hope you all had wonderful weekends.


  1. Funny, I'm not a fan of red roses either, I like Jacaranda roses much better.The Mariage Freres teas come in the most beautiful boxes, don't they? I love the salon in Paris.


  2. Jacarandas are gorgeous. I've not been to the Mariage Freres salon yet (last time I was in Paris I was robbed of all my euros in the La Duree on the Champs – literally, not just because their macarons are so pricey – which put a spanner in the works.) Next time…


  3. Sounds like you had a perfectly lovey V Day. Bf seems quite clever, lucky you. As for the French wardrobe rules, of course they must be broken for such a wonderful skirt. I hounded Holt Renfrew on my trip to Vancouver, but came away with no such treasures. Some Chanel lipsticks and a sad case of why isn't that shoe in my size? I will now make it a point to get my hands on some of that tea. It sounds fabulous.


  4. You look so pretty in that green, what shade is that called?I love it. That leopard scarf is awesome – interesting pastels with the wildness of it – and the giveaway scarf is gorgiss what a score…and now I'm thinking about my under eye bags.


  5. Thank you! The outfit looks green in the photo but it just plain camel IRL. The scarf has a lot of camel in it and I too love the pops of colour. And yes, good old sephora ropes me in every time too with their little loyalty gifts!


  6. I'm reading all the posts I missed and I am certain now we are kindred spirits as I feel the exact same way about “Family Day”. It really burns me, what a stupid name for a holiday Monday! Serena is a real character, she's a great blog-dog!


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