Dog Days of Winter

Everyone I know is so done with February (by far the cruellest month — sorry T.S. Eliot…) Serena has been downright melancholy.

I cannot believe that a wire fox terrier won Westminster…
All she wants to do is nap:
I have been keeping myself busy by tidying and reorganizing. My kids wanted their rooms reconfigured (they both wanted reading nooks added and, if you are a writer, you don’t say no to a request like that.) I ended up with an extra piece of furniture in the process — a 1920s vanity — that I managed to stuff into my already full-of-furniture bedroom.
The good news is, I now have space for all my scarves:
I have no excuse not to accessorize.
While I was organizing, Serena tried to charm me out of some of my Hermès gavroches…
But I held firm so she is sulking.
I find that at this time of year, I’m starved for pretty colours. I’m drawn to little splashes of pink. 
My roses are holding up well after disciplined culling and trimming…
Isn’t that a gorgeous putti plate? I sourced it from the lovely Lidy Baars of French Garden House
I met Lidy online when I worked on my first lifestyle blog, Bliss Notes. (Was that only six years ago? Feels like forever…) Lidy is a lovely person and if you are in the market for french antiques, she is your gal… I’m crazy for angel images of all types, but for the putto in particular (though putti started out as secular imagery, they became associated with angel iconography during the baroque period.) 
How much do I love these 18th century cherubs
If only my needs/wants were less well defined…
Even my ten year old is getting in on the pretty, asking for some colourful roses for her room:
I have no idea how they make roses look like that. 
Today, I had a break in routine when I attended the ladies’ lunch at the Club. The speaker was Patricia Sands who talked about her new book, The Promise of Provence, and how to arrange for a house swap in France. I totally want to do that one summer when the children are grown.
The menu was inspired by the south of France and featured Bouillabaisse, Tuna Niçoise, and Caramelized Fig Tarte. I love how the club is embracing my french lifestyle! 
Most importantly, the sun was out today and it was above zero. Could spring be far behind?


  1. It was a pleasure to meet you today, Jen. What a lovely blog you have and thanks so much for mentioning the talk today. It's always a pleasure to spend time with the ladies of the Oakville Club.


  2. I'm fed up with February too, and I live in California! It feels like the lull between the excitement of the holidays and the promise of fresh Spring. I'm quite bored with my monochromatic wardrobe in my monochromatic home. Perhaps it's time to bust out some color! Bravo on the scarf organization. I'm still trying to nail down a working one.


  3. Oh your really suit your up/in a pony tail, I think that's my favourite look of yours so far.I really like February, it's January that I find utter misery, soon it will be spring!Oh and the dressing table is a beauty.


  4. Oh Serena – I know! Teddy is a bit miffed as well. Those wire terriers…. well they're wiry little critters. That jacket is lovely again – those greens suit so well. Agree with Tabs about pony, great look on you


  5. Thank you, lovely. Jeans and a jacket had been my uniform for a long time but I got lazy and started just wearing sweaters. I do like the jacket thing a lot, especially now that it has B&P approval (rather like the Royal Seal in these parts…) I also own a number of smart jackets so perhaps I'll pull them into my pre-spring capsule wardrobe. I like the dresser too. When I sold all the big furniture from my previous homes, I bought an antique 1920s mahogany bedroom suit that suits the scale of my wee house. I adore the patina of the mirror.


  6. OMG! Love the pics of your dog in the mix! My dogs are always photobombing me when I'm trying to take a pic of my outfit with a timer! But … those end up being my favorite shots!Dawn Lucy


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