Spring has sprung

Now that it looks like spring had finally arrived, I’ve been too busy to really enjoy it.

It’s all good stuff. I got everything into my accountant, which makes me feel virtuous. I’ve received my market update from my finance guy. My car is booked in for its servicing and tire switch. I unwrapped the summer house out back (my paint job remained intact over the cold winter!) My highlights have been touched up (I grow ever darker as I attempt to morph into Clemence.) I’ve also been busy doing a bit of freelance work for a colleague.

On Monday, I went to a live taping of 100 Huntly Street US and saw Michael W. Smith in concert. Eric Metaxas (Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy), who is far more Jimmy Kimmel than Pat Robertson (phew!) teased Michael about his People magazine’s Most Beautiful status and basically forced him into a duet. Metaxas’s co-host April Hernandez (Freedom Writers, Dexter) treated (if that’s the right work) Smith to a little old-school hip hop. Michael W. Smith must have a picture hanging in his attic that is growing old; for a guy with 10 grandkids, he looks awfully young.

The host of the taping was my lovely friend Melinda Estabrooks who introduced me a couple of fabulous women: Eryn Faye-Frans (Canada’s Passion Coach) and Dr. Merry C. Lin. I’m half way through reading Lin’s new book, The Fully Lived Life: Rescuing Our Souls from All that Holds Us Back and it’s marvellous. Her story had me crying at the hair salon. I feel that my career is pivoting a bit and these women gave me some great inspiration and affirmation that I am headed in the right direction.

I had a chat with the publisher last week. I have to get a few things in gear before the book comes out so I’ve been setting up my new business blog at EngageTheFox.com. Right now I just have a few placeholder articles there but the blog will be focused primarily on coaching, leadership, and personality-typing. Serena, of course, has insisted on writing a fashion column. And if Serena ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy, so I conceded. I think I will have some fun with this and it should make the publisher and publicist happy.

This weekend, I am catching up with friends, catching up with blogs and trying to enjoy the relative warmth and sunshine.

Have a great Sunday!!


  1. Ah yes, the seasonal hair changes. I am confused though. I haven't made up my mind if I want to go natural or get some professional help with my locks…I don't know who these Canadians you refer to are – Sorry! But good luck with the new blog x


  2. You are ticking off one thing after another which is very pleasing to read about, good work. Serena's fashion column will be a certain success.Hasn't the sun been glorious? I walked Scout for 2 hours today, we had a great time, it was so unusual to walk on grass.


  3. Well I am such a slacker in comparison to you, that first paragraph is just incredible, I wouldn't even know what a market guy is, let alone have one.Hair – oy, I am now 3 shades lighter than my natural colour, which is fine in winter but now with the light changing, I'm not sure that I can cope with being an 'almost' light blonde when the sun hits my follicles.


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