The need for a little magical space

After spending the last year publicizing the business book, Engage the Fox, I’ve decided to reopen this space to help me focus on the lovely side of life. When I first started to blog over a decade ago, I used it as a sanity outlet as I recovered from fertility treatments and post partum depression. I loved the community that blogging built and got to know a number of people in real life. I find that I need that type of outlet once again and although I am totally in love with Instagram and Pinterest, words have always been my salvation. Plus, I thought this blog had a really pretty design and I like the idea of recycling.

I’m currently working on a novel and blog for The Huffington Post, but this is where I can put my raw natterings. I’ll write about our french bulldog, wedding planning, recovering from PTSD, and my love for classic handbags.

I really look forward to reconnecting with y’all.


Love to hear from you!