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My daughter is home today after yet more dental work. I managed to not faint through this procedure but it was touch and go for a minute. She’s much more of a trooper than I am. We are recovering by watching The Parent Trap and several episodes of Gilmore Girls. I grew up in Unionville where the GG pilot was shot so I always have a soft spot for this show. In fact, in looking for a recreational property, I’m seeking our very own version of Stars Hollow. We will definitely be watching the new episodes.

I’ve been wrestling with a lot of anxiety lately. There is no particular reason for it: except all of the usual reasons. The Trump thing is not helping. As far as I’m concerned, the only good thing about the whole miserable election is that it brought Jack and Karen back into the same room.

I’ve been Pinteresting myself well, since the rest of the internet feels perilous right now. I’m also doing some online browsing.

I love the leopard Montana coat from Alice + Olivia. I wore a similar coat to a wedding and another guest – one of the Canadian morning news show hosts  – was wearing a faux leopard coat too so I felt very on-trend. If I did not have one, I’d be throwing the A+O one in my cart.

My lipstick obsessions with Face Stockholm continue. Cranberry Veil is my favourite colour. Apparently Carolyn Bessette Kennedy wore that same shade, so ooh la la! I always loved her style.

I am in dire need of a bar cart since the great bar cart toppling incident of early 2016. I like the brass and glass ones but need something sturdier. I like the Barclay Butera below, but they do not ship to Canada. I’ll keep my eyes open for something like this locally since it so very very handsome.

Have a wonderful weekend, kidlets. Enjoy the last warm days of the year and the beautiful fall colours.

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  1. Hello Jen,I am astounded that you've found the very lipstick that Carolyn Bessette Kennedy wore (she always had such great style!). I'm never that lucky in the lipstick department (cosmetics companies always discontinue my favorites). I've learned the hard way so now I purchase two or three if I love the color.


  2. Great to hear from you! I used to wear the Bobbi Brown cranberry and ruby sheers she also liked (according to the Kennedy clan blogs) but alas they've been discontinued. I should probably be laying in supplies of the Face Stockholm before they disappear as well. That's a very good idea! xo


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