Death Wears a Beret and Other Holiday Movies

I’ve been watching more television than usual because of all of the Christmas movies on these days. I PVR with abandon and have the movies running while I putter around my office. If you have not seen A Mistletoe Promise, you must. It seems to have had a bigger budget than many and the production values seem higher (in some of these films, you can practically see the boom.) Will You Merry Me is also decent, because Wendie Malick is hilarious. I like it because it’s shot in Unionville, which is where I spent my teenage years.

Because I’m seeing commercials now, I’m more in tune with movie offerings than usual (I’ve gone from being a film zealot to someone who waits for Netflix.) Based on the trailer, I’m looking forward to seeing Collateral Beauty when it is released. It looks like It’s a Wonderful Life meets Inside Out. The trailer makes me cry and I like the cast. Even if it stinks, the concept is fun. A beret-sporting Helen Mirren plays Death. That seems pretty perfect. I’m hoping it will rival A Family Man.

I’m playing Christmas music 24/7 in my car. I prefer the radio to Spotify because I like the thought that other people are listening to the same song too. This year, I’m partial to Christmas Day by McMaster and James, This is Christmas by Suzie McNeil, and 2000 Miles by The Pretenders. Each year, the younger kids and I wait to hear Driving Home for Christmas. I know it’s very popular but we think it’s the worst Christmas song ever. It’s just not the holiday season until we’ve made fun of the lyrics while driving.

I’ve written a piece on the blending of the ornaments since it’s the first Christmas that the Mr. and I have one house. You can find it here. 

Hope you are having fun preparing for the holidays.

Love to hear from you!

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