Wellness Wednesday: Bad TV

Whenever I am in a funk, I turn to bad tv. I’ve never been much of a television watcher and I went years without watching it at all. During the early days of my divorce, however, whenever my children were with their dad I’d watch Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels. No matter how grim things seemed, at least I was not on a bus filled with strippers, competing for a man who – according to one of the girls – had his hair glued into his hat.

Source: Wikipedia

I refuse to put my beloved Ladies of London in the category of bad tv (anything with a British accent is instantly elevated, no? What else explains Downton Abbey’s positioning as high brow: it was basically Coronation Street in costume as far as I’m concerned.) But RHoBH: that’s so bad it’s great. Watching former soap stars and child actors scrapping it out in Chanel boots is very healing. Boy George makes the occasional appearance. It’s all good stuff.

It forces me to relax. Typically, when I watch tv, I gravitate towards documentaries and am forever taking notes. When I read, I read to pick something for the book club or hone my craft. It’s only when I watch bad tv, with no intrinsic value, that I can just enjoy. The trick is to watch it mindfully, without working at the same time. It’s key to really focus on Lisa Vanderpump and her dogs: Giggy in particular.

Source: Daily Mail

My current favourite Housewife is Erika Jayne, a singer/video vixen who is my age and did not release her first Dance Club single until she was 36. Since then, she’s had 9 chart toppers. That’s pretty motivating, no?

She and all of the ladies give me #gymgoals. They are all my age or older and look fabulous. They also motivate me to dress up. I was at a kids’ volleyball tournament last night and instead of yoga pants wore smart jeans, jumping boots, a leather blazer, a Boss tuxedo shirt and a giant scarf. And of course, I brought my sidekick St. Louis, who is the new patron Saint of this blog.

Do you have any safe vices that keep you sane when you are having a down day? Love to hear what works for you.


  1. My favourite things to hunker down with are tv shows – specifically British detective shows like Vera, Scott and Bailey, Endeavour to name only a few, and, of course, good old Midsomer Murders – and magazines. I have been a magazine junkie since I was a small kid (starting with my weekly comics) and whenever I travel to the UK or Germany I buy at least 4 or 5 glossies. I think my dream winter's day would entail being stuck at home with a slight – only slight! – cold and a batch of magazines plus my shows on the PVR. :0)


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