To hug or not to hug, and designing our ocean retreat

Well the Ladies of London were discussing hugging. Are you a hugger? The Brits seems to feel that hugging is a ridiculous thing. They blame the Americans for the touchy feely. Are you a big hugger? I’m not, but I’m trying to me more of one.

I am in the midst of some spring decorating. Our dear Serena has been sick with ear infections and breathing trouble and that always makes me worry. Plus, we just found out that Sable, the sweet little donkey who we help care for at the Donkey Sanctuary, passed away. Her adopted mother Pansy was with her right until the end, but it’s terribly sad. We are all in need of a little cheering. And sprucing up one’s environment always helps.

Since moving in almost a year ago, we’ve done very little: just new appliances, and renovating the shower in one of the bathrooms. Since we already know that this is not our forever house (once we no longer need 6 bedrooms, we will be back in a century home: hopefully somewhere other than Stepford, and hopefully overlooking water) I don’t want to invest a lot, but it needs a little zhushing. I need some cheap and cheerful accent pieces and I thought I’d give Wayfair a try since everyone seems to think it’s the bees knees.

I’m starting with the rug for the mud/laundry room. I decided that this would be a cute rug by the back door.

We have a lot of wood and leather at our Stepford home and I find that jewel tones help break it up. I’m curious to see the Wayfair quality as the prices are terrific. 
If I like what I see, I may be furnishing the Ocean Retreat this way. The Ikea in Halifax does not open until the fall of 2017 so it may be too late to Ikea-ify the place since we will obviously want it furnished this summer. I am already starting to gather some decorating ideas. 
It’s super cute. And very in keeping with Lunenburg, which looks like this. 

But I like an ocean house to look like like Erica’s beach house in Something’s Gotta Give.


I like cream, soft gray, and beach glass blues. My now-sold family cottage was decked out in Benjamin Moore Bavarian Cream, which is such a heavenly colour and showcased the water instead of the inside of the house. 
I don’t want anything to take away from the ocean view.
I think I might do something similar, but given that I’ve only seen the place once, for just over an hour, I need to see it again before I commit to any plans. This is by far the most spontaneous thing Mr. SxSW and I have ever done so it’s uncharted territory. 
Not sure what the plans are for the weekend. I hear there is snow up north so we might head off in search of that. My daughter has her first backed-up-by-a-band vocal performance this weekend. She has a beautiful voice and I have no idea where she got it from. I swear, they must mix in some talent DNA at the fertility clinic because she sure as sugar does not get her singing from me. 
I hope y’all have a great weekend. 


  1. Sorry to hear about the donkey and hope Serena gets better but Frenchies are known for breathing issues. My friend had nose reconstruction for hers a few years ago. So exciting to zhush up a place although I have completely neglected my home. It just got a bit much and i got distracted. I am definitely not into hugging. in fact i am sick of air kissing too. I have refound the joys of a good handshake actually!


  2. Of course I am a hugger…from the south, it's a given. No to the air kissing and the fist bump is just awkward with chicks. A good handshake will work just don't shake like a dead fish or limp noodle. Try for ideas on the home. I became a bit obsessed with it when remodeling and decorating. Lots of pretty photos and ideas.


  3. Naomi, we are cut from similar cloth. On the frenchie front, a nose job has been recommended for Serena by one vet but I was holding out for my nose job first! Interesting that your friend did it though. If it helps Serena, I might have to reconsider my position. xo


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