Big storm, Still standing

The former neighbours of a friend of mine have moved to the south shore of Nova Scotia and we connected when they learned we bought our place. There was a big storm the other day and they drove out to where we are located and sent us some photos to show us that our house was still standing.

Nova Scotia Ocean House

In spite of the facts that we’ve never met and we have a property manager who keeps an eye on the place, they still checked in to make sure we were OK.

That’s really all we need in life, isn’t it: to have someone make sure that we are OK, following the storm.

I wanted to thank everyone who commented on my last blog post or reached out to me in some way. I’ve discovered that in life, no matter how hard we try to control things, the storms are inevitable: people get sick, jobs are lost, relationships fail. The key is to cultivate a tribe who will make sure that after the storm you are still standing, and, if not, they will help you back up.


  1. Already you have a wonderful connection on the east coast and you haven't even spent a summer there yet! That's so wonderful Jen. This place is going to be amazing for you and the family. Lovely post, very well said! xx


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