Coffee Table Book Review: Seven Sisters Style

Happy Tuesday, kitty cats.

Hope you are having a good one. My Tuesday is better than my Monday. At least the dogs have not destroyed anything in the house. (Sailor and Serena are in a race to the bottom right now. Sailor is still leading, after breaking my mother’s wrist when we were on honeymoon, but Serena has destroyed two expensive rugs and a Roomba so she’s keeping pace.)

I’ve been busy writing. I’ve written a couple of pieces for Huffington Post that can be found here (on improving your mood) and here (on the power of storytelling.)

I’ve decided to give away two rose quartz angels for the draw. Because that’s how I roll when I’m practicing abundance thinking. Congratulations to Regine and Patricia!! I’ve emailed you and your angels will be on the way to you soon.

Today, I thought I’d review a coffee table book I just bought.

I adore coffee table books. Tim Walker Pictures is, of course, the Mother Ship, to which all other coffee table books are compared. As Faux Fuchsia puts it, it’s an 11/10.

I recently added to my collection with Seven Sisters Style: The All-American Preppy Look:

I also love all all things preppy. My 1980s private school upbringing instilled in me a love of Brooks Brothers, KJP, J. Crew, L.L. Bean, and Ralph Lauren. I love a good sweater set and Bass Weejuns. I prefer summer as a verb. And at the end of Pretty in Pink, I still want Molly Ringwald to get together with Blaine, not Ducky.

I have all of the preppy handbooks:

So of course, when I saw Seven Sisters Style, I had to partake.

It’s quite good. It provides a history of the style popularized at prestigious women’s colleges. I love the images and my only criticism is that I’d like more full-size colour photos. Still, the ones provided are gorgeous. Here a a few highlights. 

Isn’t Jane Fonda stunning? That’s her above. She was enrolled in Vassar’s class of 1959.  
If you love throwback preppy style, you’ll want to add this book to your collection. It’s on the honour roll, as I give it 8/10. 


  1. These days I buy most of my lifestyle books at Winners – I love to have a browse there and often find something. That looks like a very lovely read. Thank you again for the angel – I'm very much looking forward to receiving it, I love rose quartz.


  2. I love Winners for books too. Great prices and they bring in a lovely selection around the holidays. I love rose quartz too and I've been clearing it in rose petals so it should have lovely energy for you! xo


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