You spin me…

The cruise we were on in early January was quite magical. The service was beyond perfect, the food was amazing, and the amenities were the best in the cruise world. That still, however, did not protect us from Poseidon’s wrath and we had a very bumpy day and night at sea where the Gulf of Mexico hit the Straights of Florida. They had to cancel the entertainment, lest the Broadway star be tossed across the stage; they moved the high tea to the lower dining room; and most people had room service for dinner lest they tumble down the hall (this is a cruiseline favoured by wealthy seniors: there was a lineup of high-end Zimmer frames at each meal.) 

I’m prone to vertigo so when the ship got rocking, I simply got a bunch of movies from the ship’s library and tucked into bed. The rocking was actually fairly soothing that night.

Sadly, when I got of the boat, a few days later, I was still rocking. The symptoms subsided after a couple of weeks. By mid-February, I was feeling pretty good so I drove the little kids up north for a ski weekend. And then I decided to go tubing with them. Whizzing down an iced hill in a spinning inflatable tire is an excellent idea for one just over vertigo, no? Not my finest decision. 
(Note: when I have Vertigo, I do not look like Kim Novak…)
Since then, the bouts of dizziness have been on and off. I’ve been to the doctor and she said to avoid any moving/spinning endeavours. Well, you don’t have to ask me twice! 
I’ve heard of so many people suffering from vertigo this year. Migraines are reportedly bad too although, touch wood, I’ve only had a couple in my life. I’m blaming the up and down barometric pressure and general world stress….
So you suffer from vertigo? What helps? I’ve read about physiotherapy being effective but have yet to try that myself.
Enjoy your weekend, lovelies. I hope it’s a good one and only makes your head spin in a positive way! 


  1. i had sea legs once – and i had to pass on discovering a greek island bc the minute i got off the boat – i was so dizzy. I haven't had that since but then I did suffer from car sickness badly as a child which is probably why i love train travel and walking. But hope you feel better – you might want to try cranial osteopathy and balance the fluids in your ears. If it doesn't work for you then at least you will sleep amazingly that night!


  2. My mom and dad sailed around the world after retiring. This was ten years ago. My mother still suffers from vertigo from this trip. She saw several doctors and tried medicine, therapy, tai chi. She gets it when tired or traveling in plane, car, train, boat for too long. Older women seem to be prone to it and no one knows why or how to fix it. Needless to say, I will never be on a boat for more than a week because I am afraid I'll get it too.


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