Family, food, and faith.

Happy Monday!

The peonies are blooming in the garden.

4 layers of cake are in the freezer, ready to be iced (this is my daughter’s doing.)

I am filled literally and figuratively after a weekend of family visits to Toronto and St. Jacobs, eating out, and church.

We went to House of Chan in my old stomping ground in Toronto.

Our tour of breakfast places after church took us to Bobby’s Hideaway in Streetsville. I love jam packets and those little round creamers. 
The final push is on for end of year activities. We have a grade 6 grad, grade 8 grad, music recital, track meet and two spring fairs on the horizon. 
I loved this webcast by Kimberley Mitchell on See Hear Love. She reads from Ann Voskamp, who reminds us that we are enough. 

Hope you have a lovely start to the week.



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