Do you know how many types of grey-brown hardwood there are?

About a zillion.

This is how I felt walking among the sample boards…

Do you know how many are in stock when our contractor is about to start work?

Uh huh.

We were sold on the Laurentian White Oak Grey Karma Brushed, but then when we called in the order, it was the only colour that did not come in the wider width – even though we had a sample for the wider width. 4″ was too skinny since we have an open concept house and the shorter boards meant there’d be a zillion seams.

Then, we for sure for sure for sure were sold on the Laurentian Trafford in Bushwick in the wider width. Only, the wider width was not in the quantity we needed even after we were guaranteed that it was. Grrr. Did I mention our contractor starts next week?

We really wanted a 72″ length, which only comes with the wider widths. We looked at a bunch of other options but they either looked like shiny painted grey wood or were too brown. (My school uniform growing up was brown and beige and I really hate that colour-way unless it’s in a camel Max Mara coat.)

Finally, our flooring guy showed up with a Shaw product. It’s Noble Hall in Baroness. It’s a 7″ board and has the 72″ length we wanted. And they have stock.

Done. It’s really pretty. Also, we have no other choice!

Our neighbour has suggested that we refloor by gluing all of our sample boards together. We have almost enough wood at this point!

Isn’t renovating fun?


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