Almost finished

Oh my goodness, we’ve all been working our fingers to the bone. Setting up a new place from scratch is a lot of work!

We needed everything. Cutlery, bedding, a hammer. There were not even mirrors in the place. For the first few days, that seemed just grand. Now, it’s just a little depressing, particularly when I catch a glimpse of myself in the car mirror and let out a scream! I’m putting them on the shopping list.

I have little sneak peeks of the place here:

We managed to sneak in a little trip to Point General – the cutest general store. It’s a tiny house general store with terrific ice cream, coffee, and croissants. It also sells local art.

I’m sure I will tire of it at some point, but right now, I could look at the water all day. I’m looking forward to getting a good book and relaxing with the sound of the waves.

I hope you are finding some rest and beauty this summer. I think it’s essential for the soul.



  1. Oh, everything looks s,o clean and fresh and bright! I love all the blues. It looks like it's almost, if not all done – NOW you can relax!!

  2. It looks glorious Jen! I would never tire of looking at the water, ever. You've got a fabulous place there and I couldn't be happier for you. Enjoy, it sounds idyllic. xox

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