Return of the Lady

The fall magazines are starting to hit the shelves.

I’m longing for a return to lady-like dressing. Perhaps it’s because the world seems particularly uncivilized right now and my flight to safety lies in the classics.

The only pieces that appeal so far are in the pre-fall offering from J. Crew. I love this Jackie cardigan with embroidered pheasants, lady jacket with fringe hem, and signet flap bag.

I’m starting to want to dress like my Aunt Esther. Perhaps that’s the evolution of things as I age. My aunt used to babysit me on occasion and she’d take me to lunch with her friends at Woodward’s (any Western Canadians out there remember $1.49 day?) I still miss the smell of White Shoulders and faint cigarette smoke. I’m longing for her brand of lady-like toughness. She never did suffer fools gladly. 
If you crave a return to adult dressing, you might enjoy this article at Racked. (Warning: The language is salty.) 
Do you have any style goals this fall or does the news have you craving nothing but pyjamas? 


  1. Yes, it is high time that dressing like a lady made a welcome return. I'm so tired of seeing women around these parts dress no differently to men. I have to do a double-take sometimes.

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