Giving Tuesday

So it looks like a May wedding for H&M. England is so pretty in May. It should be lovely to watch.

It really is a fairy tale. Their cottage is adorable!


Both Harry and Meghan seem to have a heart for philanthropy, which makes them a well-suited couple.

And on that note, today is Giving Tuesday. which is such a lovely idea after all of the excess of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I’ll likely get an animal from World Vision because tradition. And I love the work that IJM is doing, that I became familiar with through See Hear Love. #Metoo shed light on how awful people exploit the vulnerabilities of others and IJM is working around the globe to help protect people using law enforcement and the courts.

There are so many amazing charities out there and they could all use your help. If only the whole world could be as peaceful as this goat…



  1. Yes, that cottage is beautiful but have you heard the rumor that they'll be snapping up the house that the BBC used as the Bennett family house in Pride and Prejudice? Now, THAT is what I call a house!

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