The Coat!

OK, can we talk about something very serious?

Meghan’s Winter White engagement coat.


How much do we love that!

Hers is by Canada’s own LINE, who has been been making beautiful knitwear for years. It’s sold out, naturally, but you can snap us their cashmere here.

I have a lovely winter white coat that I bought years ago after seeing pre-engagement Kate sport a similar look.


I love a white coat, although they are not particularly practical unless you are a princess. Gone are my days of going from work to taxi to a restaurant. Now it’s all driving kids around and taking the dog to the vet. Still, I like to break out my white coat every now and then.

Here are some similar coats at a reasonable price although, dollars to donuts, Zara will have one like Meghan’s in the New Year:

Trina Turk



Are you going to embrace the white coat trend or is it only for princesses-to-be?


  1. I love winter white, but as far as I'm concerned, a white coat is just asking for trouble (even though I no longer have young kids around)! Having said that, I used to have a Linda Lundstrom winter white parka, which I loved (pre-children also).

  2. I have a white wool coat from JCrew, I love it but I Can only wear it once a year or it will be destroyed. I typically wear it on Christmas Day.
    I loved her outfit, especially the forest green dress which looked so perfect under that darling coat. xx

  3. The dress was so pretty. And the shoes. She is quite lovely. I hope she can hold up under the intense scrutiny. It must be slightly unnerving, even for someone already in the public eye. I loved the J Crew Lady Day coats: they were so pretty. I pull my white coat out for only the most special occasions too. xx

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