Christmas Gifts for the Book Lover – Day 7

If you have voracious readers on your Christmas list, there are lots of things you can get them besides a stack of novels. Here are some gift ideas for the writers, readers, and librarians in your life:

Apparently, reading socks are much more popular in Canada than they are in the US. Who knew? (Actually, Julie Morgenstern knew…) If you’ve not experienced oversized fuzzy socks made to keep your feet warm while reading on a weekend afternoon, you do not know what you are missing! Indigo Books is the biggest purveyor of said socks in Canada and they ship to the US. This striped pair is adorable and goes with everything.

Anthropologie always has the cutest eye glasses and I’m very much hoping that – post corrective eye surgery – they will be all I need to see clearly. The Mosby Reading Glasses are particularly fetching and I’d like to have a few pairs scattered around the house.

I’ve not had a chance to test the scent, but the Bibliotheque mini candle by Byredo seems appealing. The promised undernotes of leather and vanilla are what’s needed to remind one of old libraries.

I think the difference between a house and a home is the presence of books, so Damian Thompson’s  Books Make a Home: Elegant ideas for storing and displaying books seems like a perfect gift for any book lover on your list.

Happy gifting!


  1. I also hope that reading glasses will be all you need!
    Love this list. I need one more gift for Gabby and you've given me a great idea with some reading socks! xx

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