Soiree + Gwyneth’s Picks

Hello lovelies!

Hope you are having a good Wednesday. Things have been very busy around these parts. Lots of reading and writing and preparing for upcoming projects. I find April is always a crazy month, with everyone back from spring break and ready to give a final push until end of school. Plus, it’s tax season.

I had a chance to have a peek at stylist Christine Dovey’s house last week at a little soiree I attended with my pal.

Christine’s work graces a lot of design magazine spreads. Her house is lovely. There, I met fashion IGer Chantal Denise. What a delight. She’s kooky in all the right ways.


I’ve been rolling on my hormone oils with wild abandon. I switched them into a nicer roller bottles because life is too short to use ugly things.


Teddy is almost full size, at just under 20 pounds. He’s a character for sure. We had a vet checkup today and he passed with flying colours.

Beautycounter is going to be featured at an upcoming GOOP popup shop in Dallas. La Gwyneth’s people have selected Beautycounter’s Dew Skin (my favourite) and Lip Sheers in Twig, Petal and Currant (so pretty) because the toxin-free formulas are that good.

If you’ve been thinking of making the Beautycounter leap, now’s the time. If you join as a new consultant this month and buy a starter kit, you get a free travel size Cleansing Balm (you can read my review here.)

We are starting to think renovations. When we bought this house, it was as a people warehouse. But now that a few of the people are grown up, we no longer need 600 bedrooms. I’m trying to figure out ways to change the house without crazy costs (since we’ll be moving again at some point and want to recoup our investment.) I need it to be homier and more light-filled, which is hard to do when the design channels Costco! One thing I know I want to do for sure is to change our dated, clunky, not-enough-glass french doors to something more like these:

Been to any parties lately? Do you have any renovation plans in the works this year? Are you starting to make any plans for summer?



  1. Wow, those windows and that door are gorgeous! I would love to do some renovations – or at least get someone in to paint the whole house – but we are using the next few years for travel. (I think I told you about the cruise, then next year we’d really love to go to Japan, to visit the student who was with us for a school year when we lived in Alberta. She has 5 children now!) My husband is leaving the military and taking a job with the public service (same office, heck, same desk I think!), so lots of changes (apart from the office and the desk, of course!!).

    Teddy is adorable!


    • The travel sounds wonderful. How fun to see someone whose life has changed so much! I keep vacillating between selling this house and renovating it. With land transfer taxes and real estate fees, you can do a lot in renos for the cost of a move. I think we have the raw space for a lovely door. The windows, not so much! XO


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