Three Day Weekend + Desk Update

It’s PD Day tomorrow, which means it’s a three day weekend. Yee haw. And the sun is shining!

We plan to have a city weekend. Dinner out, some shopping, perhaps a little brunch.

Did you see RHONY? Dorinda and Sonja got into it on the topic of who has it worse: widows or divorcees. My real estate agents in the city were a widow/divorcee duo and they would jokingly have this discussion. Only in their case, each one thought the other one had it worse. This is the way to approach it, ladies. Any serious comparison gets into what my girlfriend wisely calls, The Pain Olympics. Thankfully, on the show we had Carole complaining that her marathon dinner was not themed enough as distraction. LOL. This show is frighteningly close to the bone at times.

Operation rearrange-the-house is going very well. The desks I had my eye on were not on sale, but I decided to try the Angelette Writing Desk by Willa Arlo Interiors desk on sale from $868 for $338. It’s Wayfair’s house brand so it’s hard to price compare but the reviews are excellent and it accommodates my bulky desk chair. It costs less than the shipping on one of the fancy desks and if it does not work, I can use it as a table in the hall or as a vanity.


The last of my Sephora sale order has arrived. At the last minute, I bought Drunk Elephant’s T.L.C. Framboos™ Glycolic Night Serum on the recommendation of another blogger (plus after last week’s mama drama, the name seemed ironic!) Beautycounter does not have an equivalent and Drunk Elephant offers clean beauty too. The pump mechanism is like a little miracle so I hope the product is as good! It tingles when you put it on, which I like in my acids.


I’m pouting because I fell in love with this little wrap dress, but it does not ship to Canada. Boo! I thought it looked perfect for Mother’s Day! If you are American, run to the phones, girls, and snap it up. The price is fabulous!




Teddy got a summer haircut. We went shorter this time, since his hair grows so fast! He looks like a cutie patootie.

Do you have any fun plans for the the weekend? We are practically giddy with the spring weather. I’ve switched out my winter tires, pulled the linens forward in my closet, and put the pink lip shades to the front of the vanity. I am ready for a change! Are you?



  1. Hi Jen, I really like the desk you have chosen, hope it works in your parlour. I usually watch RHONY online on Thursdays but today I had one of those ‘change of weather’ headaches – do you get those?My usual routine is to watch the show, then read a bunch of online recaps – sometimes they are hilarious! I like the Vulture one but there are others too.

    Regarding the dress, did you ever think of getting a mailbox in the US? My husband got us one a few years ago when we moved here – it’s in a town about 1 1/2 to 2 hours away – as he contemplated buying a guitar from the US. We’ve never actually used it, but friends have one too and they go every few months. We don’t actually have a physical mailbox, it’s just an address and we only pay if we use it, ie have something sent there and pick it up. Just a thought!


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