Spring Fashion + Filming Recap

Happy Saturday!

Isn’t it the best to wake up and realize it’s the weekend?

It’s a cool and rainy day here so I might pop by a sample sale or two and then catch up on some reading. Tomorrow is the star of the weekend, weather-wise, and the day to be outside.

Yesterday, we spent all day in studio. It’s sort of a suspended reality day as we are running from 7:15am on (hair, makeup, and then back to back tapings.) Plus, we shoot ahead so we are, fashion- and theme-wise, in June. When you leave at the end of the day, you don’t know what end is up (someone wished me happy Mother’s Day, and I was all, ‘don’t you mean Father’s Day – gah!) On the plus side, my summer wardrobe is all ready to go!

My favourite pieces were this winning BP Ruffle Cotton Eyelet Top (I wear an extra small since it’s voluminous!) and these winning Marc Fisher platform espadrilles. Love.

The Super Glam Dressing Rooms!


What I’ve realized is that with all of my eye problems, I’m unable to jump on the fake eyelash, eyelash extension bandwagon. So I have “short lashes.” This does not bug me in the day to day but TV is hyper-critical as everything is magnified. Julie, my fab mark-up artist for the day, tried Maybelline’s Great Lash Lots of Lashes on me and it was awesome. It’s not clean beauty but not much mascara absorbs into the skin, so I’m a little less particular. I still like the Beautycounter Lengthening formula, but Maybelline gave me a LOT more volume.

I always like to see what’s new at Nordstrom online and this Gucci bag caught my eye. I adore the Dionysus line. So pretty. I’d never buy it since I no longer shop that price point, but I think it’s seriously great. I will never not love pretty design.

Any plans for the weekend? Heading out or denning in? Hope you enjoy!


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