Country Music Season

Happy Monday! I hope you had a good weekend and that the mums out there were well spoiled.

The weather is warming and it’s the long weekend coming up, which means I change my radio dial to country music. I’ve listened to country music in late spring/early summer ever since Garth Brooks was the voice of new country in the mid-1990s.

This year, I’ve been playing Bebe Rexha’s Meant to Be (ft Florida Georgia Line) on loop.

So good. It really is the music of summer for me.

Every year, I often make the mistake of thinking I should also dress like a country girl and order something flowy and casual like the ubiquitous Free People Love of My Life dress.


But alas, I am not that girl. If I could pick a uniform to suit my interior life, it would be this structured dress by  Gucci.

Even without the soft romantic dresses or the jean shorts, I could still be a country girl. I could broker peace between long time rivals: fans of the green John Deere tractor vs fans of the red Case. I could point to the Gucci web pattern as an illustration of how  red and green  are a perfect combination, just like whiskey and tears.


Are you a fan of country music? Does your music taste change seasonally?



  1. Weeell, to be honest, I’m not a country fan, however, I did like the song in the video; is that ‘new country’? Funnily enough, I don’t listen to music all that much – unlike my husband, whose preferred way of relaxing is being downstairs in his man cave, listening to anything from prog rock to classical or ‘playing’ one of his guitars. However, if I do put on music at home it’s got to be something that I can sing and bop along to (even though my singing voice gave out on me a few years ago). I love Motown, jazz-funk, show tunes, anything George Michael and old crooners like Jack Jones, plus anything that I remember from my disco days. 😊

    That Gucci dress would look fabulous on you!


    • I wish the Gucci dress were a better price! But then, I suppose, it would not be Gucci. I love music but can’t listen to it while I work most days, so I tend to have it on in the car if I’m not listening to an audio book. I need to put it on more on the weekends in the house since I find it a terrific mood booster. I love disco too! Knock on Wood has got to be one of my favourites. So good. I’m not sure what distinguishes new country from old but it seems more rock – like Keith Urban. I find that gospel, rock and country tend to blend these days. Carrie Underwood does a song with Ludacris that is a really long way from Hee Haw (although, I also loved Hee Haw lol!) XO


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