Danielle Rollins: What to Wear Where

It’s hard to know what to write these days. It seems banal to to write about earrings when the world is going to hell in a handbasket, and on Twitter I write about more. But I want to continue to preserve this space as a respite from the world. I love to retreat into blogs and Pinterest when the world gets to be too much and I want to provide that same kind of retreat for my readers. 

I do want to focus a little more on what I like to call Beauty from Ashes stories, however, focusing on people who’ve pushed through personal hardship to bring beauty to the world. When you look beneath the surface of the most charmed-looking lives online, you’ll often find a much more complicated reality.

One of my favourite taste-makers is Danielle Rollins.

Wearing her own design: Fitzgerald Liberty Skirt.

From the outside, she has a perfect life. She’s beautiful, her home is exquisite, and she’s authored the most beautiful book on hosting the perfect Soirée.

But as glamorous as it looks, Rollins life has been far from perfect. She’s had to reinvent herself after a difficult marriagemessy divorce, and her daughter’s near-fatal accident. To do so, she wrote a book, renovated a new family home, entered the design world, and dipped her toe into fashion with the most beautiful capsule collection.

Can we talk about this skirt?

I have her Millicent Midi Skirt in black silk taffeta that I picked up on deep discount from her online sale room. They still have a few left. Worn with a crisp, white shirt, it’s so elegant. This discounted silk floral skirt is also a beauty!

Rollins has a new book coming out in 2019 and I can’t wait to see what life holds next for her.




  1. Wow thank you for leading me to her site. I think I’ve read about her but she was no longer on my radar, and I LOVE her style. I may or may not have purchased a couple of things from the sale section 😉 xx


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